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OptimaDevs, a former Israeli company known as Wekast, has evolved into a prominent Israeli-Canadian software development company.

We are an innovative software company dedicated to developing cutting-edge digital products tailored for startups and online businesses. Our expertise lies in comprehending the client's vision and requirements, whether it involves app/web development or UX/UI design. Listening attentively, analyzing meticulously, and crafting visually appealing, clean, and highly functional products are at the core of our approach.

With a systematic and professional methodology, we excel in creating a diverse range of digital products. Whether it's building brand-new systems from scratch or ensuring seamless maintenance of existing code, we take pride in our comprehensive services covering the full product life-cycle. From functional analysis, UX design, and architecture to development, manual and automated testing, devops, and ongoing maintenance, we are here to elevate your digital endeavors to new heights.


At the moment, we are especially excited about projects that combine web development and the power of AI, and we are always happy to help startups in developing prototypes of their projects.


Feel free to contact us to discuss possible interactions and collaborations.


Ishay Alon


Daniel Sherman


chef HR.jpeg
Kimberley Chong

Head HR

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